Gadar 2 movie is an Indian action-drama film released on August 11, 2023. Especially, this movie was directed and produced by the same person, Anil Sharma, and its script was written by Shaktimaan Talwar. Moreover, Gadar 2 movie is a sequel to Gadar: Ek Prem Katha (2001). Its cast includes big names from the Bollywood industry of the past and present. The names go to Sunny Deol, Ameesha Patel, and Utkarsh Sharma as well.

The Gadar 2 movie marks the traditional rivalry between India and Pakistan in the background of the 1971 Indo-Pakistan war. Moreover, Utkarsh Sharma, Ameesha Patel, and Sunny Deol were the official announcers for the movie. Especially, the lyrics of the music presented in the movie are written by Sayeed Quadri and Sunil Sirvaiya and composed by Mithoon, Uttam Singh, and Monty Sharma.



On June 29, 2023, the music industry released the single-titled song “Udd jaa kaale kava,” followed by the release of the second single-titled song “Khairiyat” on July 9, 2023. The film industry premiered Gadar 2 movie in theaters on August 11, 2023, achieving remarkable success and securing its place among the blockbuster movies of 2023. Furthermore, Gadar 2 achieved commercial success after its August release, grossing over US$87 million internationally against a production budget of a mere 60 crore (US$7.5 million). However, such a landmark success brings the movie to the list of the fourth-highest-grossing films in the Indian cinematic industry in 2023 and the eighth-highest-grossing Hindi film of all time.

All these soundtracks were released by the famous Indian music company, Zee Music Company, in August 2023. The movie got so hit that on the very first day of its release, it grossed 40.10 crore only in India alone and grossed 134.88 crore within the whole week, which was enough to mark the success of the movie. The movie was nominated for many awards and won GQ awards, Zee Cine Awards, Lion Gold Awards, and the CNBC TV18 India Business Leader Awards (IBLA).


The story of the movie defines the traditional India-Pakistan conflict. It’s a story in the year 1954 when Hamid Iqbal, an army officer in the Pakistan army, is looking for revenge on the part of Tara Singh, who is responsible for the killing of his 40 soldiers on his way back from fleeing to India along with his wife Sakeena and the only son, Charanjeet Singh, “Jeet Singh.”. Sakeena’s father is brutally executed on charges of helping Tara Singh escape back to his country.


In 1971, when Tara Singh, happily residing with his family and functioning as a supplier for the Indian army with various categories of weapons, received a summons to the India-Pakistan border to furnish weapons to the Indian soldiers engaged in combat with the Pakistani army. Moreover, upon arrival at the border, Iqbal, Tara’s arch-enemy, identified and spotted him, issuing an immediate attack order that inflicted numerous injuries upon Indian soldiers present there.

But Jeete, hearing the news of his father’s disappearance at the border, leaves for Pakistan to find him there. In Pakistan for the very first time, Jeete meets his father’s friend Gul Khan and comes to know that his father is now captured. Iqbal uses his tactics of violence and brutality to humiliate Jeete in front of all the people. Furthermore, Tara comes out, defeats Iqbal and his army, and takes his son away.


General Yahya Khan orders Iqbal to recapture Tara Singh within the 72-hour deadline. Then a sudden series of skirmishes and combat follows, and Qurban Khan and Muskan show up to hide in Balochistan. The next day, in another brutal fight between Iqbal and Tara, Iqbal manages to kill Muskan’s brother, Farid. Finally, after blood-shedding combat, Tara crosses the Indian border successfully after defeating the Pakistani soldiers and becomes the reason for their reunion when Muskan and Sakeena meetup again.


The capture of Tara by the Pakistani army on the border marks the interval of the movie. However, this is the point where the main setting shifts from India to Pakistan, introducing Sakeena’s family from Pakistan and Tara’s friend Gul Khan. Tara’s son Jeete, for the first time, visits Pakistan and meets his father’s friend Gul Khan. But as he begins to search for his father, he faces their arch-enemy army officer, Iqbal, who is full of vengeance to take all of their lives and tries to accuse Jeete of assaulting Muskan to humiliate Jeete publicly.

Eventually, Tara Singh comes out and begins a new era of resilience and fighting, as he once did in the past. But he tries to cover up things and maintain the safety of the Pathan family. Which is directly in a close relationship with the Singh family of India. But Gul Khan and Muskan put all their effort into helping them get out of the border safely from the hands of Iqbal, an army officer. On the orders of General Yaya Khan, situations become tough for Tara Singh. But his courageous mentality eventually helps him come out of all the disastrous situations.


The ending of the story is quite emotional and amusing in all ways. After hard-fought efforts to escape from the Pakistani military and their continuous chase, of course. It was a pleasure for the whole Singh family to celebrate their victory over the Pakistani military. Moreover, the story follows that after General Yahya’s order for Tara Singh’s recapture in 72 hours. The whole Pakistani military tried to recapture him by ambushing him from all around and asking for surrender.

Tara doesn’t lose hope and keeps fighting to protect not just his son but the family of Sakina, Muskan, and Gul Khan as well. Muskan’s brother loses his life. Moreover, in combat, Tara manages to get an army tank from the Pakistani army. He drives the tank back to the Indian border, where the Indian army completely retaliates with the chasing Pakistan army behind Tara Singh. Tara Singh finally brings the whole family together for a reunion; Sakeena and Muskan meet each other; and Muskan seems to be going to marry Jeete happily at the end of the story.


⦁ Directed

By Anil Sharma

⦁ Written

By Shaktimaan Talwar

⦁ Produced

By Anil Sharma Kamal Mukut

⦁ Narrated

By Nana Patekar

⦁ Cinematography

By Najeeb Khan

⦁ Edited

By Ashfaque Makrani Sanjay Sankla

⦁ Music By

Songs: Mithoon, Uttam Singh, Monty Sharma
Background Score: Monty Sharma

⦁ Production Companies

Zee Studios, Anil Sharma Productions and MM Movies

⦁ Distributed

By Zee Studios

⦁ Release date

11 August 2023

⦁ Running time

170 minutes

⦁ Country


⦁ Language


⦁ Budget

₹60 crore

⦁ Box office

₹691.08 crore

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