Gladiator II Film Review, Budget & Release Date


Gladiator II film is a sequel to the original Gladiator I released in 2000. Moreover, this updated film plans to depict the story of now grown-up Lucias, a child in the previous film of the same title. Now, he chooses to protect the legacy of his father as he faces many challenges. 

Moreover, the film was directed and co-produced by the famous Hollywood name Ridley Scott, who has been excited about the film for twenty years. The Gladiator II film cast includes David Scarpa, Paul Mescal, Pedro Pascal, May Calamaway, Connie Nielsen, and Derek Jacobi.

The film will be released under the production banner of Scott Free Productions and Red Wagon Entertainment. The Gladiator II film is predicted to be released on November 22, 2024. Overall, the Gladiator II film has a budget of $250_310 million.

Gladiator II Film review


Gladiator II film story is of the perseverance of the family legacy, acceptance of honor, credit, and hardships at the same time. It’s never easy to fight against the odds because a true legacy is always a guide for the people who believe in legacies.

Young Lucius, now grown up enough to attract his enemies towards himself and to understand the problems of the time. He has to choose some new changes in his life, either to live an anonymous life because of the fear of his father’s enemies or begin a life of challenges and fear. Eventually, Lucius chose to protect his father’s legacy of bravery, justice, and peace.

Gladiator II Film


However, the cast of a film is always important as it is the only source to perfectly portray the thoughts of a character, its perfect body language makes the characters more efficient and prominent. The cast isn’t much changed as it replaces minor changes in the role.

Paul Mescal plays the central and prominent role of Lucius Verus. Denzel Washington now chose the role of a former slave who is tired of the hypocrisy of the emperors and has a deep grudge against them. Some other notable casting members include May Calamaway, Tim Mclnnery, Matt Lucas, Peter Mensah, and Fred Hechinger.

Release Date and Budget

The movie is expected to break the box office collection record as it’s released because of its already blockbuster record. The movie has almost taken 20 long years to its completion, enabling the chances that are stronger for its success. The film will be released on November 22, 2024, and it consumed an overall budget of approximately $250_310.

Summary of the Gladiator II Film

Gladiator II film is the sequence of the original Gladiator film. The original film became an instant success as it was released, but Ridley Scott waited and prepared for the movie for almost twenty years to be released in the market again. The film follows the Track of the original storyline and now depicts the story and challenges the young Lucius is about to face. 

The official teaser of the film now reflects Lucius, the son of Maximus, the previous hero in the original version of the Gladiator movie. Now,  Lucius grew up and began to face political and economic challenges due to its association with his father’s legacy as a warrior. 

Moreover, he has two choices, either to quit his identification with the name of his brave father to prevent himself from being harmed by his father’s enemies and accept the legacy of his father and face all the challenges bravely, he goes with the second option. He pulls himself together and faces every challenge with bravery and courage as he chooses his father’s legacy as his guidance and begins a new era of fighting the evils.

Short Details about Gladiator II Film

  • Release dates
    • 15 November 2024
  • Country
    • United State and United Kingdom
  • Language
    • English
  • Budget
    • $250-310 mollion
  • Cinematography
    • John Mathieson
  • Edited
    • By Claire Simpson and Sam Restivo
  • Music
    • Harry Gregson-Williams
  • Production Company
    • Scott Free Production, Red Wagon Entertainment and P + M Image Nation
  • Directed
    • By Ridley Scott
  • Written
    • By David Scarpa
  • Distributed
    • By Paramount Pictures and Universal Pictures
  • Produced
    • By Ridley Scott, Michael Pruss, Douglas Wick, Lucy Fisher, Walter F. Parkes, Laurie MacDonald and David Franzoni
  • Starring
    • Paul Mescal, Denzel Washington, Pedro Pascal, Joseph Quinn, Fred Hechinger, Connie Nielson, Derek Jacobi, and May Calamawy

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