Guntur Kaaram Film Review and Box office Collection


Guntur Kaaram is an Indian action drama film of 2024. The film is written and directed by the same person Trivikram Srinivas. S.Radha Krishna produces the movie under the production banner of Haarika and Hassine Creations. The movie features Many famous Telu stars including Mahesh Babu, Meenakshi Chaudhry, Sreeleela, Ramya Krishna, Jayaram, Prakash Raj, Jagapathi Babu, and Sunil.

The film’s official title was announced in May 2023. The movie’s story follows a rivalry between the two most powerful political parties and their inner conflicts. The movie spends 200 crore on its production and makes 235.31 crore in the box office collection.

Guntur Kaaram movie poster

What is the Story of Guntur Kaaram Film?

Guntur Kaaram film is a story of violence, killing, revenge, and horror all around the characters involved in the story. It’s a story of confusion, hypocrisy, betrayal, and dirty tactics of politicians in the backdrop of different Indian ethnicities. The Guntur Kaaram story follows two families who trying to take control of the mainstream power in politics and make money to enhance their political influence to run and make the government.

The story is about the killing of Rangam, Satyam’s brother-in-law. The violent attack on the factory by Dokka Marx Babu and Lenin Babu creates a mess conflicting with many rages and hilarious situations on the ground. Satyam gets imprisonment on the fake charges of murder then the family becomes disintegrated. Ramanyas mother then goes back to her brothers and a new war starts, eventually ending in the death of the main characters and leaving nothing behind but suffering.

Guntur Kaaram film story


Casting is always special in the success of superhit films. Here, we can see multiple characters playing different roles. This film becomes Mahesh Babu’s 27th movie as the leading character in the film. He appears in the movie as Bhogineni Veera Venkata known as “Ramana”, Satyam, and son of Vasundhara. In other characters, Sreeleela plays the role of Basavaraju Aamukta “nicknamed “Ammu “. These minor and major characters unanimously make the film a superhit without any consideration of other elements.

Release Date and Box Office Collection

Production of the film hits differently as we try to observe the background of the whole production event and the surprises of joining and disrupting the cast of the movie. In April 2021 much news began spreading out of the new directors joining the film cast and production unit.

Trivikram Srinivas, Mahesh Babu, and Pooja Hegde all sit together and finally make a difference collaboration of the film. Finally, on 12 January 2024, the film was released and became a success in the industry by collecting 235.31 crore in its box office collection.

Guntur Kaaram Film


The ending becomes more interesting when Ramana comes back from prison and wages a new war on his enemies. A series of skirmishes between both gangs starts, eventually leading to many catastrophic situations. Ramana plans to kill Hari Das but stops doing so by using Kata. Now Ramana changes his prey and turns his attention towards his 25-year-old enemy, Venkata Swamy, with whom he had been involved in business and many other things and now he is betrayed by him.

Further, revelation about the family’s biological and physical father’s get into the mainstream. Further, many other secrets also come out Venkata Swamy was the person who planned a plan to execute Vasundhara so that he could get sympathy from the public and ultimately store a new term of five years as a chief minister.

Short Details about Guntur Kaaram Film

  • Release Date
    • January 12, 2024
  • Running time
    • 2 hours 39 minutes
  • Language
    • Telugu
  • Country of origin
    • India
  • Budget
    • ₹200 crore
  •  Box office
    • ₹171.50 crore
  • Written
    • By Trivikram Srinivas
  • Directed
    • By Trivikram Srinivas
  • Produced
    • By S. Radha Krishna
  • Production Companies
    • Haarika & Hassine Creation
  • Edited
    • By Naveen Nooli
  • Music
    • By Thaman S
  • Cinematography
    • Manoj Paramahamsa
  • Starring
    • Mahesh Babu, Sreeleela, Meenakshi Chaudhary, Prakash Raj, Ramya Krishna, Jayram, Jagapathi Babu, Sunil, and Rao Ramesh

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