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Manjummel Boys is a Malayalam language adventurous, survival thriller film of 2024. The film follows a story of courage, bravery, and adventure. An adventurous band of Kochis friends embark on a journey and survive there with their courage and a sense of friendship. The film is directed and written by the same person, Chidambaram, and produced under the banner of Parava Films.

The movie casts Sreenath Bhasi, Soubin Shahir, Balu Varghese, Ganapathi S. Poduval, Lal Jr., and Deepak Parambol. The film contains Malayalam, a local language widely spoken in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The film cost 20 crore as its production budget and made 236 crore in its box office collection.

Manjummel Boys movie

What is the Story of Manjummel Boys Film?

Manjummel Boys is a band of friends who unanimously form a group and decide to enjoy their vacations in the exploration of something new and unique. They all love adventures and nature. The group decided to take a trip to Kodaikanal, a state in Tamil Nadu famous for its mysterious places and hidden mysteries linked to it.

Guna caves, famously known as the devil’s kitchen, a place of death, finally attract their attention and they all begin to explore these deadly caves. Caves are empty and full of dangerous insects, roaring voices, darkness and a sense of fear become more dominant in the boys until a boy named Subash falls into a hole. This deadly hole is believed to be 1200 feet down, and nobody is ready to retrieve Subash from this deadly and blood-sucking, oxygen-less hole.

Friends decide to help from police and forces who eventually do nothing but a group member, Siju, with the help of a rope goes down and rescues his friend after an alarming situation and events. In the end, friendship wins and chaos with speculation loses.

Manjummel Boys Film


Casting is always important in the success of any film, as the action needs a coherence of dialogues and performance hand in hand. Sreenath Bhasi appears as the character of Subhash, a young, talented boy who falls into the hole and becomes a source of tests and trouble for his friends.

Lal Jr. performs the role of young Siju, a boy of the Manjummel group, who finally stakes his own life in danger to rescue his friend from the deadly cave. Many other characters also contribute their role in the movie as Soubin Shahir plays Siju David and Balu Varghese is spotted in the role of Sixon. Deepak Parambol appears in the character role of Sudhi.

Release Date and Box Office Collection

Finally, the film was released on 22 February 2024 in the theatres. Its budget is 20 crore. The Manjummel Boys film became the first film of the Malayalam film industry, earned ₹ 248 crore, and set several box-office records. It also became the highest-grossing Malayalam film ever and also became the highest-grossing Malayalam film of 2024. It is one of the highest-grossing Indian films of 2024 in Malayalam film industry. 

Ending of the Manjummel Boys Film

The ending of the film is more beautiful and interesting as the boys maintain their friendship and trust after passing through such a hilarious time. Their friend fell, and it made them disturbed. They reach out to police Station to file a missing complaint and to ask for state help but they’re themselves beaten and brutally humiliated for exploring a place that’s restricted.

Manjummel boys don’t lose hope and eventually convince the police and state departments to help, rescuing their friend, who is fighting a battle and might lose if no hurry is made. After many efforts and the use of machines, the state’s department finally surrenders and asks the boys to forget the matter and let Subash die in the cave.

The boys refuse to accept Siju, Subash’s friend, finally comes out and goes down with the help of rope. This rope and Siju’s courage make him unable to rescue Shubash from the devil’s kitchen. The event makes headlines as a loyal friend never leaves the friend in trouble.

Manjummel Boys Film

Short Details about the Manjummel Boys Film

  • Release Date
    • 22 February 2024
  • Running time
    • 2 hours 15 minutes
  • Language
    • Malayalam
  • Country of origin
    • India
  • Budget
    • ₹20 crore
  •  Box office
    • ₹248 crore
  • Written
    • By Chidambaram
  • Directed
    • By Chidambaram
  • Produced
    • By Soubin Shahir, Babu Shahir, and Shawn Antony
  • Production Companies
    • Parava Films
  • Edited
    • By Vivek Harshan
  • Music
    • By Sushin Shyam
  • Cinematography
    • Shyju Khalid
  • Starring
    • Soubin Shahir, Sreenath Bhasi, Balu Varghese, Ganapathi S. Poduval, Lal Jr, Deepak Parambol, Abhiram Radhakrishnan, Arun Kurian, Khalid Rahman, Chandu Salimkumar, Shebin Benson, and Vishnu Reghu

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