Viduthalai movie Part 1 is an Indian Tamil-language crime thriller movie released in 2023. The same man, Vetrimaaran, who further co-wrote the screenplay with the help of B. Jeyamohan produced and directed the movie. All these screenplays came out under the Grass Root Film Company and RS Infotainment. The story divides itself into two parts of adaptations. One of which this one marks the first adaptation of the short story Thunaivan (which can be translated as a companion) by Jeyamohan.

The story of the Viduthalai movie isn’t simple but full of suspense and thriller to shock the audience at every single scene. It follows the year 1987 and tells the story of a constable who gets the job of arresting particular leaders of a separate movement. Hence, the adaptation cast includes Vijay, Sethupati, Gautham, Soori, Bhavan Sri, Vasudev Menon, Balaji Sakthivel, Saravana Subbish, and Munnar Ramesh.

Viduthalai Movie Part - 1

In April 2021, an official announcement regarding the movie’s release along with the principal photography. The Vidhuthalai move is further delayed in December 2020. It announces that it would be in two adaptations, not a single one.

Chengalpattu is the place where it’s shooting most of the parts. Illaiyaraaja composes the music, and R. Velraj gets the responsibility of cinematography and editing. However, Viduthalai movie Part 1 officially gets released on March 31, 2023, in countrywide theaters. It gets a mix-up of remarks from the audience and critics. A second part of Vidhuthalai movie is expected to be released in 2024.


The story follows an incident of a train derailment in Tamil Nadu, a local village that caused many people to die, leaving many seriously wounded behind. Besides Such an incident had never happened before there, so an independent investigation started, and soon it came out that a separatist group, which wasn’t happy with the government’s policies of giving their hilltop village to the miners for digging, handled the blast.

Operation Ghost Hunt begins against the separatists to capture their leader, Vaathiyar Perumal, whose identity is as secret as some ghosts. In the story, a newly recruited constable becomes part of a special police batch named E Company. However, he comes to know about the alliance and conflicts between the government and the separatists, which ultimately shows his tension about not being helpful anymore to his people, and he understands the essentiality of helpfulness in such cases.

Vidhuthalai Movie action

Difficult jobs and responsibilities in bureaucracy are hallmarks of professional life, and they’re tough. Moreover, the police attack the top hill to arrest and seek some important information about Peru. He makes a Perumal sketch with the help of a villager; the information about this whole operation gets leaked through a constable.

In addition, Pappa further reveals police brutality against the villagers. Last, at the inauguration ceremony, Makkal Padai attacked and killed four police officers. However, police arrested many villagers and began torturing them, including Pappa. Finally, at the end of the story, Kumaresan finds out about Perumal, who remains in police custody. But after a while, he escapes from the police and joins Kumaresan. Who also suffers discrimination from his fellow police officers.


An incident of a police attack marks the interval of the story at the hilltop village. Which is to be removed from the place to further dig out the hill for government desires. The police got a sketch of the separatist leader, Perumal. However, they couldn’t hold on to this information to reach Perumal.

Next, It’s time for Perumal to act against the police to further prevent them from reaching him. So to assassinate the constable Kumaresan, four other police officers get killed, and Kumaresan escapes from the spot. Tension between the police and the separatists touched the sky as the separatists attacked the inauguration ceremony and caused many people to lie dead there. Finally, the company now gets ready to retaliate at their full pace against the Makkal Padai. Their leader by capturing everyone who’s in a circle of doubt about the joining of these separatists.

Also, a massive crackdown is on the way against the villagers. Causing many examples of fresh brutality by the police and arresting many innocent people brought to the torture cells. In addition, Pappa is also in police custody for further investigation, which makes Kumaresan. In a situation of panic, he thinks about the atrocities committed by the police units against civilians to turn them against the country.

Finally, he leaks out the actual location of the Perumal hideous to ensure the safety of Pappa. Now again, a full-fledged attack is about to be executed against the Peruvian. And marking the very fine story of a conflict between the separatists and the police. For the very first time now, the police party seems to be able to capture the reason for the unrest in the whole territory of Tamil Nadu. However, peace is about to establish itself somewhere around.


The ending of the movie marks some remarkable scenes and a massive coherence between the story and action.
However, the fight between two forces, one belonging to the government, the police, is openly challenging and chasing the other forces of separatists under Peruvian supervision.

A police force enters Perumala village after he attacked the inauguration ceremony some days ago. This time, the police changed their tactics to find out his identity by making a complete crackdown on the entire village without taking care of any rules or laws. In suspicion of affiliation with the Permula gang, many people from this village get arrested and brought back to the police station immediately for further investigation. A brutal set of tactics applies to the people to get some specific information about the hideout of Perumal and his commander.

Among the arrestees, Pappa also includes constable Kumaresan, who closely observes the whole torture situation and ground reality right in front of him. He doesn’t bear Pappa being tortured more and more. He reveals the secret location of the Perumala hideout.

A new operation starts, resulting in the captivation of Peru. Because of the senior officer’s desire to take Perumal’s arrest credit alone. This situation damages the psychological condition of Constable Kumaresan, and he leaves for the woods. After some time, Perumal finally escapes from the police prison and takes refuge in the woods near Constable Kumaresan. They both ally to take revenge for the injustice against their village and their personalities.

In this situation, Perumal then further shares the whole story behind the early railway track derailment story, which raises many questions for many important people in the country. The overall ending sets a new stage for upcoming adaptations.


  • Release date
    31 March 2023
  • Running time
    150 minutes
  • Country
  • Language
  • Budget
    ₹40 crore
  • Directed
    By Vetrimaaran
  • Written
    By Vetrimaaran and B. Jeyamohan
  • Based on
    Thunaivan, by B. Jeyamohan
  • Produced
    By Elred Kumar
  • Starring
    By Soori, Vijay Sethupathi, Bhavani Sre and Gautham Vasudev Menon
  • Cinematography
  • By R. Velraj
  • Edited
    By R. Ramar
  • Music
    By Ilaiyaraaja
  • Production Companies
    RS Infotainment and Grass Root Film Company
  • Distributed
    By Red Giant Movies

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