Tiger 3 movie is a Hindi-language action thriller film of 2023. Which casts the major names of the Bollywood industry as Salman Khan, Emraan Hashmi, and Katrina Kaif. However, it was produced by the legendary Bollywood producer Aditya Chopra and directed by Maneesh Sharma under the banner of Yash Raj Films.

The film mainly deals with the impacts and actions of war and thrillers. n addition, it follows the storylines of Pathan (2023) and War (2019). The major sites for shooting were Delhi, Istanbul, Mumbai, and Vienna, besides Saint Petersburg.

Pritam is the composer of the whole movie soundtrack; moreover, Tanuj Tiku takes on the responsibility of background music; also, it casts the budget of 300 crores easily. This expenditure makes the film one of the most expensive movies ever in the Indian history of movies.



Diwali became the point of release of the movie on November 12, 2023, in multiple strands. Including IMAX and 4DX, besides other premium formats. It gets a mix-up of reviews from critics, with some of them appreciating the action of the movie and others criticizing the plot and the sequence.

Finally, Tiger 3 movie grossed 440,466.63 crore worldwide, making it the sixth-highest-grossing Indian movie of 2023. Last, as the movie marks its huge success in the market. The credit gets shared with the acting performances of the major names of Bollywood stars.

Tiger 3 movie hits because of not only its plot and sequence in the story. But also its ability to portray different sections and institutional decisions taking place at the national level besides their excitation happening at international levels.


Tiger 3 movie tells the story of a joint spy network between two countries, Pakistan and India. The timeline goes to the year 1999, which is important because of the death of an ISI agent, Rehan Nazar, who is the father of Zoya, a teenage girl. Atish Rehman, Nazar’s protégé, convinces her to join the agency.

The new Raw chief, Maithili Menon, calls back Avinash” Tiger” Singh Rathore for a new mission of rescuing Gopi Arya. A former tiger’s handler who got captured while collecting from the Taliban regarding a mission in Pakistan.


Gopi gets released and reveals to Tiger the fact of Zoya’s involvement in the mission, too. Tiger later gets the new assignment of protecting an arms supplier, Jibran Sheikh, living in Petersburg. The scene follows when Zoya reaches there to assassinate the Jibran sheik before the tiger saves him. Atish reveals a lot of new information regarding the kidnapping of Zoya and Tiger’s son, Junior.

Finally, in a flashback scene, it shows that Aatish is the person who broke the peaceful treaty between India and Pakistan by killing an Indian army general. Finally, Tiger and Zoya agree to work in collaboration to catch the real culprit of the misleading information and acts. Atish’s wife attempts to attack, but she gets killed by Tiger, and Atish refuses to accept any plans for the events and gets removed from his position in ISI. Zoya and she form a joint team of Raw agents to save the life of Tiger’s son for missile launch codes.


Tiger gets detention and goes to the northern jail of Pakistan. And Zoya also attains the title of traitor to the country. In Islamabad, a conspiracy was revealed to remove the prime minister from his seat and appoint an army chief as the prime minister of the state. The whole team of agents reaches the prime minister’s office to inform Nasreen Irani about the conspiracy going on in the country.

They transfer her into the bunker, and Tiger forces the chief to accept his crime. However, Aatish secretly kills General Haq and blames the tiger for this assassination. A whole series of conflicts began, taking many lives and ultimately saving the life of the prime minister. Further, it resulted in the killing of Aatish.


The interval of the story marks the point in the story. When Aatish demands the nuclear codes from Tiger and Zoya in exchange for Tiger’s son. In Tiger 3 movie, it reveals how a complete action scene happens in Istanbul. When different spies fight together in combat, causing many casualties and assaults, leaving many stories of bravery and action scenes behind.

In the story, there is mention of the consequences of the conflict between the two groups and the mention of nuclear missile codes. Both of the countries declare their agents Tiger and Zoya traitors, respectively. Tiger, on his way to Pakistan, gets caught and sent to the Pakistani northern jail. In addition, he gets there in Islamabad and joins his joint raw team with Zoya, working as a unit to unfold many stories.

They began working in Islamabad, trying to find out the secret conspiracy being made by the Pakistani generals to overthrow the democratically elected prime minister and, f to occupy power in their hands. The whole scheme is not just revealed but even further tackled with much more enthusiasm and bravery. In addition, they unanimously save the life of the prime minister. Prime Minister Irani tells the whole story to the public, and the whole network of spies is now a bunch of innocent friends.

Aatish himself reached Islamabad to conduct all his secret missions to take control of power in Pakistan. The Pakistan army made a plan to convert the whole scenario to their side. They decided to inform the prime minister of Pakistan about the situation and the conspiracy going on against them. All the efforts then take place to make things more positive and applicable effectively to secure Pakistan from its enemies.


In Tiger 3 movie, the ending of the movie has an emotional impact on the audience. Both countries further tightened the bond in their relationship stronger. The ending concludes as all the major villains of the story enter the city of Islamabad to face each other and conquer power.

General Haq, along with his army power, is also a major villain on the list. However, he is trying to gain power. Aatish reaches Islamabad along with his agents, and in addition, they kill General Haq with the help of Javed. They track Prime Minister Irani and try to kill her. But she survives the attack as Tiger and Zoya reach the point and save her.

In this scenario, Hassan sacrifices his life, allowing Zoya and Tiger to help the prime minister escape. Zoya kills the Abrar and Karan assassins and takes revenge for her friends’ deaths. A critical fight begins with Tiger and Aatish alongside the city of Islamabad. Which marks the most beautiful scenes of the whole movie. Prime Minister Irani exposes Aatish’s plot to the public, and all the raw agents are then further proven innocent.

Tiger contacts his former agents back in India and assures them of his availability whenever they need it. The ending of the movie marks a huge theme of deciding about the compatibility between the two countries and making progress to improve their relationship. Pakistan and India, both powerful countries. Always end up in deadly conflicts just because of some irresponsible officers trying to create gaps between the countries.


⦁ Production Company
Yash Raj Films

⦁ Distributed
By Yash Raj Films

⦁ Release dates
11 November 2023 and 12 November 2023 in India

⦁ Running time

156 minutes

⦁ Country

⦁ Language


⦁ Budget
₹300 crore

⦁ Box office
₹440–466.63 crore

⦁ Directed
By Maneesh Sharma

⦁ Screenplay
By Shridhar Raghavan

⦁ Dialogues
By Anckur Chaudhry

⦁ Story

By Aditya Chopra

⦁ Produced
By Aditya Chopra

⦁ Starring
Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif and Emraan Hashmi

⦁ Cinematography
By Anay Goswamy

⦁ Edited
By Rameshwar S. Bhagat

⦁ Music
Songs: Pritam
Score: Tanuj Tiku

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