Por Thozhil Movie Introduction, Cast and Story


Por Thozhil movie is an Indian Tamil-language thriller film from 2023. Moreover, Vignesh Raja directs Por Thozhil as his first directorial debut. Alfred Prakash writes its scripture. The film cast includes Ashok Selvan, R. Sarathkumar, Nikhila Vimal, Sarath Babu, Nizhalgal Ravi, and Sunil Sukhada, along with Santhosh Keezhattoor in supporting roles. Jakes Bejoy composes the music for the movie, while Kalaiselvan Sivaji and Sreejith Sarang handle the cinematography and editing of the movie.

Por Thozhil movie

Por Thozhil movie is the story of two brave police officers who investigate a series of murders by a psychopath and chase him. But, all these murders happen with mysteries and puzzles, and it takes all the efforts and courage of the officers, Prakash, a newly appointed DSP trainee, and SP Loganathan, working together. The movie releases on June 9, 2023, and it grosses 50 crores all across the world.

What is the Story of Por Thozhil Movie?

The story of the Por Thozhil movie revolves around the efforts and contributions of two police officers to solve a mysterious case that the police department has never faced. Further, a newly appointed DSP trainee, Prakash works along with SP Loganathan, a brave officer. They set off for Tiruchirappalli to investigate the murders of young girls. Then, all these murders involve teenage girls, which makes officers more suspicious.

The case keeps unfolding until it takes the officer to Kennedy, the son of a police officer. Prakash and Lognathan become suspicious of him because of his extra care about the cleanliness and decorations of the house. All these assumptions need verification, so officers rent a nearby house to closely observe Kennedy’s movements. As they follow his trail, they come to know about his link and involvement in the murders that happened several years ago.

He confesses about his past crimes, refuses to talk about the new cases happening around him. Moreover, he gives a major clue about the motor car of the criminal, Muthu Selvan. Finally, Muthu Selvan kills her wife and her boyfriend for cheating on him. Now, he becomes a psychopathic killer by killing many girls with the same dimple as his wife. Finally, he gets captured by the police.

Por Thozhil movie


However, R Sarathkumar is working as SP Loganathan, along with Ashok Selvan as DSP K. Prakash, both working as a single police unit to find out the series of murders. Moreover, Nikhil Vimal is acting as Veena, who forms the trio squad to solve the case. Sarath Babu portrays Kennedy Sebastian, a serial killer who kills girls to keep his father busy in the investigation of these cases.

Nizhalgal Ravi works as ADGP D. Mahendran, IPS. Moreover, other minor and supporting characters in the Por Thozhil movie include P. L. Thenappan as Maarimuthu and O.A.K. Sundar as Ramkumar. Santhosh Keezhattoor plays the role of Inspector John Sebastian, the father of Kennedy. Finally, the last name, Sunil Sukhada, works as an NGO worker, Muthu Selvan.

Releasing and Boxing

Por Thozhil movie releases on June 9, 2023, all over India. The Por Thozhil movie collected 3.5 crores in the Kerala states within the first two weeks of its release. Overall, its final worldwide collection stands at 50 crore. However, the collection it makes includes the Por Thozhil movie among the best-earning movies of the year 2023. It further shows the best performances and script of the movie. It gets nominated for many awards and gets many of these awards.


The story of the Por Thozhil movie comprises full crime thriller action. The Por Thozhil movie also contains many horror and mysterious elements. It becomes full of suspense when it reaches the middle of the movie uncovers many crime mysteries, and ties closely connected with the psychological elements of human behavior.

Por Thozhil movie

Kennedy, an old psychopath, becomes a serial killer because his father mistreats him regarding the cleanliness of the house. Muthu Selvan turns into a murderer because of his wife’s disloyalty and begins killing every girl, a dimple on their cheeks because of their association with his wife. Finally, the story of these psychopaths ends with a note of their violent deaths.

Short Details about Por Thozhil Movie

  • Release date
    • 9 June 2023
  • Running time
    • 147 minutes
  • Country
    • India
  • Language
    • Tamil
  • Box office
    • ₹50 crore
  • Edited
    • By Sreejith Sarang
  • Music
    • By Jakes Bejoy
  • Production Companies
    • Applause Entertainment, E4 Experiments and Eprius Studio
  • Distributed
    • By Sakthi Film Factory
  • Directed
    • By Vignesh Raja
  • Written
    • By Alfred Prakash, and Vignesh Raja
  • Produced
    • By Sameer Nair, Deepak Segal, Mukesh R. Mehta, C. V. Sarathi, Poonam Mehra, and Sandeep Mehra
  • Starring
    • By R. Sarathkumar, Ashok Selvan, and Nikhila Vimal

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