Cocaine Bear Movie Cast and Crew


Cocaine Bear movie is an American comedy-horror film releases in 2023. Especially, Elizabeth Banks directs the story, and Jimmy Warden writes the story. The whole movie is the inspiration for the true story of “Cocaine Bear,” an American black bear who considers being a reason for ingesting several kilograms of a bag containing 75 ounces (34 kg) of lost cocaine. Moreover, the film cast includes Keri Russell, Christian Convey, Alden Ehrenreich, Brooklynn Prince, Isiah Whitlock Jr., Margo Martindale, and Ray Liotta.

However, the Cocaine Bear movie follows the story of a dropped shipment from a plane. It’s the story of a drug smuggler, Andrew C. Thornton II, which comprises many crime and thriller scenes in the crime world. On February 24, 2023, the movie was released in theaters. Finally, total expenditure is $30–35 million, and it earns $90 million.

Cocaine Bear movie

Story of Cocaine Bear Movie

Cocaine Bear is the story of a drug smuggler, Andrew C. Thornton II, who drops a cocaine shipment from his plane. He gets arrested, but not all the cocaine recovers from him. Some parts remain missing until the news of a dangerous Coca-Cola bear comes out. Moreover, a bear is killing hikers, Elsa and Olaf, killing Elsa at the spot. In northern Georgia, a schooler named Dee Dee, and her friend go to the forest. Sari, Liz, Peter, and a wildlife activist began searching for the children.

Cocaine Bear movie  story

The black bear then attacks Henry and Peter. Henry climbs the tree, but Peter doesn’t climb and dies. However, Syed sends his people to recover the missing cocaine, which brings many events. Sari, Henry, and Bob all unanimously enter the woods, now facing the bear. In the end, Bob wounds Daveed. Syed Shots Bob. Finally, Stache goes back to New York with a bag full of cocaine. Daveed and Bob’s dogs accompanied Eddie.


Especially, Cacaine Bear movie includes the actor Keri Russell, who plays Nurse Sari, one of the major characters in the whole story. She goes in search of children in the jungle. Alden Ehrenreich plays the role of Eddie. Ray Liotta plays Syed, a mafia leader who orders the recovery of cocaine as soon as possible. Isiah Whitlock Jr. plays Bob, who wound Daveed.

Moreover, Brooklynn Prince plays Dee Dee, a schooler who lives with her mother. Christian Convey as Henry. Margo Martindale plays Ranger Liz. Jesse Tyler Ferguson plays Peter. Who tries to climb the tree but can’t and ultimately gets killed by Bob.


The movie releases on February 24, 2023. Cocaine Bear costs between $30 and $35 million as a total movie expenditure, but it earns a gross of $90 million. However, this number of grossing makes the Cocaine Bear movie among the super hit movies of 2023. It gets nominated for many awards shows and wins many of these awards.


The story of the movie comprises all the major elements, including horror and comedy factors, making the movie more fantastic. Moreover, the whole story revolves around murder and adventure in the woods. A black bear uses cocaine and begins hitting everyone, causing great trouble for all the people living around him.

The mafia members then joined this mess, willing to find the remaining cocaine in the woods. But action comprises many violent deaths of people by American bears and people too. Overall, the movie was a success earning $90 million with an overall expenditure of $90 million.


  • Release date
    • February 24, 2023
  • Running time
    • 95 minutes
  • Country
    • United States
  • Language
    • English
  • Budget
    • $30–35 million
  • Box office
    • $90 million
  • Directed
    • By Elizabeth Banks
  • Written
    • By Jimmy Warden
  • Cinematography
    • By John Guleserian
  • Edited
    • By Joel Negron
  • Music
    • By Mark Mothersbaugh
  • Production Companies
    • Lord Miller Productions, Brownstone Productions and Jurassic Party Productions
  • Distributed
    • By Universal Pictures
  • Produced
    • By Phil Lord, Christopher Miller, Elizabeth Banks, Max Handelman, Brian Duffield and Aditya Sood

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