Dunki Movie Review, Cast and Story


Dunki movie is an Indian comedy-drama film of 2023. The Dunki movie completely encompasses the illegal immigration techniques named “donki flights”. Rajkumar Hirani directs, co-edits, co-writes, and co-produces the whole movie single-handedly under Rajkumar Hirani films, along with the collaboration of Red Chilies Entertainment and Jio Studios.

Dunki movie review

Casting, Releasing and Boxing

The film’s cast includes Shahrukh Khan, Taapsee Pannu, and Boman Irani along with Vicky Kaushal, who appears as a unique actor. Shahrukh plays the character of Manu Randhawa, an ex-army soldier z who devises the plan of choosing the dunk route. Moreover, Taapsee Pannu plays the role of Manu Randhawa, a young beautiful girl. Who wants to settle outside in a foreign country in the hope of a better lifestyle. Many other minor characters also charm the beauty of the magnificent story of the perfect writer.

Pritam and Shekhar Ravjiani’s collaboration composes the movie’s music. On December 21, 2023, the movie was finally released all across India, winning the audience’s hearts with the charming depiction of a beautiful love story on a big screen. It spends 120 crores as a consuming budget for the movie. And earns 470.6 crores at the box office, marking the movie in the list of successful earning movies of 2023. The movie gets nominated for many awards and later receives most of them without any competition.

What is the Story of Dunki Movie?

Dunki is a movie of multiple reflections and a beautiful love story of a couple, entangled with life’s tough choices. Moreover, the word Dunki refers to illegal and route means “away, in a way, it means an illegal way to reach somewhere. However, the story follows as Manu Randhawa calls back to India to talk about her ex-boyfriend. Hardayal “Hardy” Singh Dhillon, currently living in Laltu, Punjab. She asks for help to bring her back to India. As she is suffering from a brain tumor and won’t make it through the end.

Dunki movie

Manu tells him about her desire to die in her homeland after wandering around the world her whole life in the hope of a better life. Hardy Singh agrees to help her as if he has been anxiously waiting for this call for 25 years. At this point in the movie then the complete story is unveiled and new characters are introduced along with the never-told love story of Manu Randhawa and Hardy Singh.

The plot unveils as Hardy Singh helps Manu to reach her destination (London) illegally. Because of their inability to pass the legal exam IELTS. He takes all the crew through a dunki route following through multiple countries including Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and Turkey, and then reaching England.

He does this all and can’t survive and is expelled. Now finally, Manu contacts him after 25 years, and when he brings her back home. And then she finally comes to know about his love for her that kept him from marrying another girl. He remained a virgin his whole life in wait for her. She listens and eventually dies, wearing his love ring as her ultimate asset in the world.


A beautiful untold love story slowly unveils its hidden treasures in front of the audience of the movie as the events keep progressing. The interval of the movie marks the time when the real story of Hardy’s efforts and decision to bring everyone out, comes out. Hardy, a soldier comes into Manu village, where he learns about the death of Mahinder, Manus’s brother.

Mahindra has once saved his life in combat and Hardy could never forget this favor. He decides to help her achieve her goal of settling herself outside in the world to have a better and accomplished lifestyle. Finally, they try to make it through the legal way. Unfortunately, one among all just makes it through this and, everyone else fails.

Dunki movie

All this situation raises some questions now on the dreams of the applicants and their future. But it doesn’t take much. When Hardy proposes a new dunki way to get to their destinations by following a complex route of a dangerous journey, passing through many countries. They pass through Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and Turkey to finally reach London. Once they reach London, then a lot of other problems occur leading the situation to get worse than before. As illegal immigrants, the whole party suffers and devises a long-term plan to ultimately stay there as a permanent citizen of England.


The ending of the Dunki movie completely uncovers the whole story behind the curtains. Moreover, the audience for the first time comes to know about the true relationship, between Manu Randhawa and Hardy Singh. But, in the beginning, it starts sounding suspicious of Manu calling Hardy and asking for help. But, at the end of the movie, when the whole story is unveiled. It becomes crystal clear about the relationship of the couple.

Manu asks Hardy to help her finally reach back to India. As she is now suffering from brain tumors and doesn’t believe that she will be able to make it through now. Hardy, as usual, seems to be in wait for her call. He brings her back to India after passing through a mess of challenges and legal requirements. Eventually, she brings her back to India.

Moreover, she learns about Hardy’s personal life, which makes her shocked. He never marries again as he returns to India 25 years ago, leaving her behind in England. He sacrifices all of his happiness for her sack and remains a virgin in the hope of a final meeting with her. Moreover, it was not just he would didn’t marry. It’s also revealed, that Manu also didn’t marry there in London in the hope that Hardy would someday come back to her and accept her as his life partner. As both the lovers hug each other wearing their marriage rings in their hands. She dies leaving Hardy to mourn her death forever in despair.

Short Details about Dunki Movie

  • Release date
    • 21 December 2023
  • Running time
    • 161 minutes
  • Country
    • India
  • Language
    • Hindi
  • Budget
    • ₹120 crore
  • Box office
    • ₹470.6 crore
  • Edited
    • By Rajkumar Hirani
  • Music
    • By Songs: Pritam, Shekhar Ravjiani
      • Background Score: Aman Pant
  • Production Companies
  • Narrated
    • By Vikram Kochhar
  • Cinematography
    • C. K. Muraleedharan, Manush Nandan, and Amit Roy
  • Directed
    • By Rajkumar Hirani
  • Written
    • By Rajkumar Hirani, Abhijat Joshi and Kanika Dhillon
  • Produced
    • By Jyoti Deshpande, Gauri Khan,Gaurav Verma, and Rajkumar Hirani
  • Starring
    • By Taapsee Pannu, Shah Rukh Khan, Boman Irani, Anil Grover, Vikram Kochhar, and Vicky Kaushal

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